If you’re interested in the more boring aspects of my life, download my articles… You can also look at my CV and find my education, some previous speaking engagements/ publications, and work history in there. I hid my address so you can’t find me, ever. Unless you happen to be fishing along the Salt River, then you might find me.

If you’re still here… and haven’t clicked off yet, you’re probably super nerdy or an academic (in which case you are still nerdy). If you’re still reading, you can download some of my academic papers below.


Recognize it’s our land, and honor the treaties.

We Need Indigenous Peoples’ Higher Ed Data – And Air Conditioners, Too

For the Tribal Nations: Practices and Policies to Increase Completion at Tribal Colleges and Universities

Examining Construct Validity of the Scale of Native Americans Giving Back

National Study on College Affordability for Indigenous Students

Giving Back: Deconstructing Persistence for Indigenous Students

Indigenous Data Collection

Factors Influencing American Indian and Alaska Native Postsecondary Persistence: AI/AN Millennium Falcon Persistence Model

American Indian Access to Higher Education: Where are All the NDNs?

Native American Identity and Academics: Writing NDN in Edumacation

Acts of Visual Sovereignty: Photographic Representations of Cultural Objects

The Nitty-Gritty: Doing Case Study Research on School Improvement Programs

(Book Review) Policy Analysis for Educational Leaders: A Step-By-Step Approach

If you’re still here…. this is a brief summary of my specialty

I am an Indigenous quantitative researcher with expertise in Indigenous statistics and survey research. More specifically I am an expert in addressing the limitations of collecting and applying quantitative results to Indigenous populations. I use Indigenous methodologies defined as how researchers use Indigenous positionality and viewpoints to research with and within tribal communities and privilege the tribal community’s voice(s) to support the community. With all this in mind, my research primarily focuses on incorporating traditional Indigenous knowledge with quantitative methods in higher education.

I summarize data, produce academic papers, technical reports, and more user-friendly reports with graphics. I lead survey research projects and produce data collection plans with flyers, postcards, social media flyers, and letters to maximize survey participation.

If you have any data that needs analyzing or research inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a conversation on how I may be able to help.